Your Task Manager

A simple way to handle your daily activities

Why we do it?

We believe that we don't need a toDo app with lots of functionalitys and configurations, we just need a piece of paper with the digital world versatility. we believe that we can handle our daily activities without carrying a notebook. We want a simple way to know that we┬┤re doing its what we should be doing.

How we do it?

People who works as a freelance, entrepeneure, creatives, home offices, incoworkers and digital nomadas like us need a way to stay in the right path (no procrestination). We start using Design Thinking and develop a simple task manager with special atention in "wich tasks are the most important."

What expect?

  • Stay focus in the priority tasks
  • Check if what you did is what you should have done
  • Keep the things simple

Awe-inspiring Benefits

Stay your Data Sync
Your lists always be sync in your devices.
Responsive Layout
Our simple desing has full mobile support and looks great in desktop too.
Progresive Web App
Available as PWA on Android, IOs, Windows, Mac or use it in chrome if you prefer.

Astonishing and Simple Features

Use it in your browser, download in your PC, Mac or any mobile device with Android or IOs.
Based on Eisenhower Time Management Matrix
Charts visualization per listing
Always available
Lists by Colors
Free Version
Regular Updates